Boat life is a luxury that few get to experience, until disasters strike. Deciding what to do when your boat has significant Damages or destroyed completely is unsettling. Filing your marine claim on your own can be confusing studying your policy and understanding the language, researching maritime and your state’s laws on coverage, and knowing the proper steps to file a claim. TAG’s experienced Public Insurance Adjusters work for you, the policyholder. Our goal is to get you the best settlement possible, and get you back to enjoying the water. We handle all types of marine claims, large or small.

TAG’s licensed and bonded Public Insurance Adjusters are here to help boaters through the claim’s process. If you have Damages to your vessel due to engine failure, fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster, TAG can help you.

TAG can help you with your marine claim by:

  • Evaluating your marine insurance policy to execute a solid strategy to present and negotiate your claim.
  • Investigate and document your claim, as the insurance policy puts the burden of proof on you.
  • Utilize over 45 years of boating experience to thoroughly inspect the Damages and accurately access the associated costs.
  • Provide experts, including legal experts, in preparation of expert reports if needed to support the claim.
  • Keep you informed in every major milestone of the claim’s process.
  • Minimize the stress and hardship of filing your claim.
  • Collect and disburse the greatest settlement payment to you.

Types of Marine Damages
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