How is a Public Adjuster different than other adjusters?
Public adjusters file the claim on the policyholder’s behalf and negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the insurer. Public adjusters are the only kind of adjuster that works executively for you. In the process of filing your claim, you will probably encounter different types of adjusters.

  • A Public Insurance Adjuster works only for you, the policyholder.
  • A Company Adjuster, often called the “insurance adjuster”, works for, and is employed by the insurance company and looks after the insurance company interests”.
  • An Independent Adjuster also works for the insurance company, but are independent subcontractors. They can work for multiple insurance companies, but are subcontractors of the insurance company.

How much do Public Adjusting services cost?
Compensation is based on a reasonable percentage of insurance company settlements, so there are never up-front costs or retainer fees. Fee percentages are based on the complexity of the claim. Some property claims are more complex than others. If there is no recovery, there is no fee owed to us.

How do I differentiate one Public Adjuster from another?
TAG’s Public Adjusters are licensed and bonded in the State of Florida. A highly skilled and qualified public adjuster would have many varied, diversified skills and experience. Some important components would be education, experience and knowledge in all aspects of business operations, insurance policy terminology, building construction and General Contracting, content inventory analysis, accounting, and a strong knowledge of local codes and laws. Hiring a qualified public adjuster ensures that all aspects of policy coverage and the claims process are carefully examined to provide policyholders with the most equitable settlement possible. Ask questions about experience, trade memberships, and if the company uses monthly, updated pricing lists with its Damages Report software.

If I hire a Public Adjuster, will my insurance company raise my rates or drop me?
You have the right by law to hire a public adjuster. Should your insurance company raise your rates, or drop your policy due to hiring a public adjuster, it would be considered a significant violation of the law.

I have heard about getting compensated for better quality materials and of getting more money than my policy limits. How is that possible?
Quite often there is coverage for such things as Code Required Upgrades or Ordinance of Law requirements. It takes an experienced public adjuster with extensive construction knowledge to be able to recognize Damages that need to meet current building codes and ordinances. Most insurance policies provide coverage for these issues and provide coverage for up to 25% to 50% more than your policy limits. For example: if your policy limits are $100,000.00 on your dwelling coverage and there are required code upgrades, you would have up to $25,000.00 more in coverage for a maximum of $125,000.00 in coverage on your dwelling.

I’ve already settled a claim, is it based on how I settled the claim? Is it too late to recover more money? The rules vary from state to state, however TAG can review your claim to see if you legally qualify for more money. If you do qualify, we will work diligently to recover the fair and just settlement you are entitled to.

About The Adjusters Group, LLC
The Adjusters Group LLC is a Florida-based Public Adjuster firm with over 35 years of construction and insurance experience. Affiliate companies of TAG's include a Florida Licensed General Contracting Company and a Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Importer/Wholesaler. TAG's founder, Ken Shriberg, is so dedicated in business that he started his first company over 35 years ago in a High School work study program. That company is still in business today and employs over 60 employees. Call today to be a part of our success stories.

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