Florida Approves 5.2% Rate Cut for Workers' Compensation in 2015

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation said it has approved an overall decrease of 5.2 percent in workers' compensation insurance rates in Florida, the first decrease in four years.

As expected, The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), which represents about 250 insurers, submitted a new rate filing at the direction of the OIR, following OIR's disapproval of NCCI's rate filing request for an average 3.3 percent decrease.

Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty signed the final order making the new rates effective January 1, 2015 for both new and renewal policies.
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Florida Gov. Scott Facing Rising Seas, Climate Change Politics

When Florida Governor Rick Scott won re-election Nov. 4, he triumphed over both his Democratic challenger and California billionaire Thomas Steyer, who spent $20 million painting him as a climate-change denier.

Scott, a 61-year-old Republican who during the campaign deflected questions about the topic by asserting that he isn't a scientist, has little time to celebrate.

Environmental issues are washing onto his desk: Voters required lawmakers to devote about $1 billion annually to conservation; Florida must curb carbon emissions almost 40 percent under new federal rules; and rising seas are soaking Miami Beach even as Scott's party blasts President Barack Obama's deal last week with China setting emissions goals.

Scott's predicament shows how Republican leaders from Alabama to Arizona are facing unwanted climate-change battles even as they question the effects of human activity on global temperatures. The governor must spend the money while placating members of his party and Mother Nature alike.To read more:

State Farm Enhances Claims Reporting App with Object Recognition Technology

State Farm has added object recognition technology to their Pocket Agent app to make submitting an auto claim via a mobile device easier and simplify the claims process. This new technology reduces the need for typing by using the mobile camera to record important claims information. Customers can capture an image of the other vehicle to process and populate the make and model data automatically into claim form fields.

Pocket Agent provides a number of features to registered State Farm customers, including the ability submit a claim from anywhere. The app also uses customer information to simplify the auto claims process by selecting policy information, rather than typing it in.
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Commercial-Focused Claims Software: A Must for Customer Satisfaction, Process Efficiency and Cost Reduction

"Square pegs into round holes: something that will not succeed as attempted, except possibly with much force and effort." Wiktionary

This Wiktionary definition is a remarkably accurate description of the use of personal insurance-designed claims software by commercial insurers over the last decade or so. Many commercial insurance firms (CL) have adapted personal insurance (PL) claims software to their commercial claims processes and, with much force and effort and a certain measure of ingenuity, have made some progress – but not as much as attempted or possible today. Why do so many commercial insurance companies continue to use claims software designed for personal insurance – a significantly different business process?

Until recently, commercial insurers simply had no other option. Personal insurance firms led the way toward more efficient, customer-focused claims processes 10-15 years ago, and software companies quickly responded with programs to fit their needs. Commercial insurance was much slower to catch on.To read more:

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